"It has come to the attention of Bus 4x4 Pty Ltd that previous content on its website and/ or YouTube channel and its affiliated websites gave the impression that its services and products have the approval of, or an affiliation with Toyota. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no such approval of, or affiliation with, Toyota"

Welcome to the Bus 4x4 Group

BUS 4x4 is one of the leading companies in Australia that construct 4x4 conversions on buses and vans under Second Stage manufacture. Our extensive range of custom built 4WD vehicles will suit everyone from mining, school bus, coach and tour operators to motorhome enthusiasts.

You will have full confidence on rough terrain because all our 4WD conversion kits are Australian designed, built and installed. These kits are specifically designed for Australia and its harsh conditions. We warrant installation and parts and are confident to exceed your expectations on the ability of our vehicles. We can customise a range of vehicles, including Toyota Coasters and Toyota Hiaces. We also can tailor a package to suit your individual requirements.

Allan Whiting author of OUTBACK TRAVEL AUSTRALIA review on Bus 4x4 conversion of 2017 Toyota Coaster.

"We took a 2017 Bus 4x4 converted Toyota Coaster for a brief on-road drive and were most impressed with its 'factory feel'. Steering, ride and handling felt no different from standard Toyota Coaster behaviour, despite the higher stance of the modified vehicle.The Bus 4x4 conversion of Toyota Coaster is fitted with full-time 4WD and the dial control for 4WD with centre diff locked and for low range engagement is straight from the LandCruiser 200 Series".

(\4x4 coaster conversion, 4x4 coaster conversion, 4x4 coaster conversion, 4x4 coaster conversion)
We can customise:

Toyota - Toyota Commuter, Toyota Coaster, Toyota Landcruiser for use as Campervan, Motorhome, Mine Spec Vans & Buses

Iveco - 4WD Daily Minibus, 4WD Daily Motorhome, 4WD Tonto Bus, 4WD Tonto Motorhome, 4WD Trakker Bus

Check our group companies below to know more about us or contact us so we can help you with affordable vehicle and lifestyle solutions.

(4x4 coaster conversion, 4x4 coaster conversion)

4x4 Motorhomes Australia
4x4 Tourbus

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