January 2018 Newsletter- New Motorhome Coming Soon!

Posted on 31/01/2018

Welcome back to a new year, we hope you had a wonderful break. It's back to business at Bus 4x4 and we are working hard to transform ordinary 2WD vehicles into high performance 4WD vehicles so you can enjoy off-road adventures!


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March 2018 Newsletter- Check out the I-Bus 300 Motorhome!

Posted on 29/03/2018

We hope everyone is staying safe in this crazy Australian weather! Through the humid heat to heavy rain and even flooded roads, the show goes on at Bus 4x4 as we continue building bodies for another set of Iveco Daily's.

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July 2018 Newsletter- FURTHER PRICE DROP

Posted on 31/05/2018

It's been another eventful month here at Bus 4x4. We have multiple vehicle deliveries for 4x4 Tour and Mining companies and have received positive feedback. As the company continues to grow, we are working towards im

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August 2018 Newsletter- NEW DISTRIBUTOR

Posted on 10/09/2018

Welcome back to our monthly newsletter! This month Bus 4x4 continued to improve our workshop efficiency by implementing new policies and procedures that are slowly changing what we do and how we do it. We are already

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September 2018 Newsletter- TAKE A LOOK At The Motorhome Interior

Posted on 28/09/2018

Welcome back to our newsletter! With the new season upon us, it's time for some new exciting changes! As we have announced in our previous newsletter, we are in the process of expanding our 4x4 services both dom

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October 2018 Newsletter - News from the 4x4 industry

Posted on 30/10/2018

Welcome to our October newsletter! We have been busy this month building more of the popular Iveco Daily 4x4 mini-buses, 4x4 conversions of Toyota Coasters and 4x4 conversions of Toyota Commuters for mine sites across Australia.

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